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How we can help you!

We provide end-to-end AI and software solutions customized for your business needs.

System Architecture​

We care about the system architecture because this is the key to have a scalable and high performing system for business.​


Speed and quality is what we value most for our development. Missing the deadline is the biggest impact you want to avoid.

Data Analysis​

Need help developing new Deep Learning models for your projects? We can help you in multiple domains. We are actively involved in projects in material science, text analytics, speech recognition, finance, ecommerce doimains.


Want to build a multi-language + multi-site chatbot? AeonX Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine makes it possible to build a single bot to rule them all.


Automate customer service/help desk responses with our chatbot services, powered by AeonX NLP and Context Search engines.

Context Search​

Search you documents by context, not by keywords. With AeonX search engine, find the right document from millions of unstructured documents in your organization.

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