Aeolia messenger

The most secured way of messaging and sharing files.

Aeolia messenger

Aeolia is a military-grade Quantum-Safe End-to-End encryption (E2EE) solution that provides maximum security for messaging, file sharing, and file storage. Aeolia is “secured by design” and built for organizations that need maximum data security, namely, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, financial, police, military, and legal institutions.

Aeolia mobile app (Android/iOS)

Aeolia desktop app (Windows/Mac/Linux)


Fully End-to-End Encryption for message exchange, file sharing and file storage. Based on Krystal-1024, 256-bits Elliptic Curve keys and 256-bits AES encryption.


Manageable security and administrative controls, automatic enforcement of data retention policies, centralized message archiving capability.

Enterprise Integrations

Aeolia API allows integrations with the enterprise SSO while maintaining full E2EE.



E2EE messaging app for professional use. Supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Web.

File Transfer

E2EE large file transfer among users. The files are fully E2E encrypted and exchanged between sender and receiver

File Storage

Aeolia lets you store files with maximum security with E2EE. The files can only be decrypted by specific users. In case of any breach, the stolen data cannot be decrypted.

On-premise installation

Aeolia can be installed on-premise of the client organizations.

Message Broadcast

Users can broadcast secured messages among selected user groups

Secured Video/Audio Calls

Video and Audio conference calls are fully E2EE encrypted