Blaze Transfer

Blaze Transfer is a Post Quantum/Quantum-Safe hybrid End-to-End encrypted large file transfer platform for all industrial and enterprise needs. Your data is safe against both quantum computers and classical computers.

What is BlazeHQ Encryption?

BlazeHQ encryption combines the best of both Quantum and Classical End-to-End encryption algorithms. BlazeHQ combines Quantum-safe Crystal-Kyber-1024 and Classical Elliptic Curve 256bit end-to-end encryption. A potential security threat must break both encryption algorithms.

Safest way to exchange enterprise data

In Blaze, the sender encrypts the files using BlazeHQ encryption and only the receiver can decrypt the files. The data and files stored in the database and file storage system are fully E2E encrypted. No one other than the sender and receiver can decrypt the data.

Exchange files with your clients securely

Blaze allows your enterprise clients to securely send and receive files with maximum security. Your clients do not need to have a Blaze subscription to exchange data with your enterprise.

Made for the World, Made in Europe!

Blaze is made in Europe and Co-funded by European Union Horizon Grant. 

Grant Agreement No.: 101058179




Workspace is where people can send files to each other securely, and admins can have a control over the organization.

Secured Transfer

E2EE large file transfer among users. The files are fully E2E encrypted and exchanged between sender and receiver.

Upload Portal

Upload Portal allows you to receive files from external users.

Transfer History

All incoming and outgoing transfers are saved in the Transfer History.
You can download, reshare and manage expiration date.

Cloud Integration

You can save copies of your files directly to Google Drive.
(coming soon)

File Stream

File Stream lets you send extremely large files directly to your teammate without saving it in your storage.
(coming soon)