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Our mission is to help make innovative business and engineering software projects a reality. With our decades of experience in AI, HPC, Cryptography, and Web/Mobile software solutions, we guarantee high-quality software solutions for your projects.

All our software development services are subscription based, which means the clients subscribe for our service, we develop and maintain your custom software.  This reduces both software development and maintenance cost. For more information, please contact us.

Explainable AI, Federated Learning, HPC

E2E & Homomorphic encryption

Web/Mobile application development 

R&D Achievements

Zero-defect manufacturing for green transition in Europe

Manufacturing processes of metal products, such as nuts, bolts, cutlery, boilers, valves, and engines, is energy-intensive and requires substantial resources. Moreover, defective components and machines cannot be easily reworked or recycled without significant effort.

AeonX AI is developing a Federated Homomorphic Machine Learning (ML) powered Digital Twin platform to help real-time detection of defects in metal products in the production line. AeonX AI is working with research and industrial partners such as VTT and Wärtsilä.

As a member of  the “FORGE” project, AeonX AI is developing machine/deep learning based algorithms to discover novel Complex Metal Alloys and Ceramics. AeonX AI is a partner with research labs from Max Planck Institute, Fraunhofer Institute, University of Leicester , TWI, ArcelorMittal MBN Nanomlterelia among others.

For the “WeldGalaxy” project, AeonX AI has developed Natural language processing engine, context search and a full chatbot solution to efficiently search in Engineering Knowledge Base system. Two of the major project partners are TWI and University of Leicester.


Software development

We develop high-performance and highly scalable software solutions for scientific, engineering, and business applications. The solutions include web+mobile app & backend app development, machine/deep learning modeling, data analytics, and the development of high-performance distributed computing backends.

Our experienced team of Physicists, Mathematicians, and Software Engineers can help you with R&D projects in machine learning, data analytics, mathematical modeling, predictive modeling, and optimization. We are winners of three EU Horizon R&D projects on the development of AI models and a decision support system to help material engineers design complex alloys and ceramics with target properties.

Research & Development


We provide support and guidance for your development projects. (architecture, cloud computing, data science, database, etc)


We provide end-to-end AI and software solutions customized for your business needs.

Data Science

We can help you with data analysis in multiple domains. We are actively involved in material science & engineering projects, finance, e-commerce, medical image analysis, video analysis, natural language processing, contextual search, and speech recognition.

End-to-End encryption

With AeonX’s end-to-end encryption technology, we can ensure state-of-the-art data security for IoT Industry, Hospitals, Military, and Financial industries.

Homomorphic encryption & Federated ML

AeonX HML is a Federated homomorphic Training platform that allows the training of complex ML models without exposing the sensitive training data sets to any parties.

NLP, Context Search

Search your documents by context, not by keywords. With AeonX contextual search engine, find the right document from millions of unstructured documents in your organization.

Object Detection

With AeonX Image detection engine, we can help you implement real-time object detector in video streams.

Software Development

We have a strong experience in innovative software development, from conception to production.


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