End-to-end Chatbot solution for Enterprises



Chatbot engine and Enterprise service integration

AeonX chatbot engine seamlessly integrates with enterprise services. AeonX comes with easily extendable Natural Language Processing (NLP) models and conversation engine. AeonX connector APIs help rapid integration of chatbot to existing enterprise services.


Chatbot Engine

An enterprise-grade chatbot engine powered by deep learning models.

Pre-trained Models

Chatbot engine comes with various industry specific pretrained NLP and conversation models.

Connector API

AeonX Connector API seamlessly connects the chatbots to your Enterprise services. AeonX comes with many connector APIs for enterprise services such as - Oracle Cloud Services, Dynamocs 365, Office365, Jooxter etc.


AeonX bot engine supports multiple popular messangers namely, Skype, Skype for Business, Slack, Facebook Messenger

Personalised Conversation

The AI-powered conversation is personalised for each user.

Voice First Mobile App

AeonX chatbot engine comes with a speach recognition mobile messenger applications (Web, Android and iOS) customized for your enterprise.

Messenger Integrations

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