AeonX HML platform

Federated Homomorphic ML infrastructure for secured ML model training


AeonX HML is a Federated Homomorphic ML (HML) Infrastructure that allows the training of machine learning models using data from multiple isolated sources without exposing data or models. AeonX HML infrastructure solves data security issues of training ML models in organizations & industries such as Medical, Healthcare, Clinical trials, Insurance, Banks, Military, etc. Additionally, all sensitive data is saved with full End-to-End encryption.

Federated Homomorphic Training

AeonX HML uses Model homomorphic computation methods. AeonX HML platform allows you to Train ML Models securely & collaboratively without exposing data to external parties. All AeonX Team ML servers run in your infrastructure and the AeonX Homomorphic Computer server does all the homomorphic computation and synchronization of the Team ML servers. Not data leaves the training (Team ML) servers.

Federated Training

Manage training processes and Teams with a web interface. Each of the federated compute servers/workstations is on setup on-premises. Whether a laptop or an HPC, train your ML models and monitor with a web dashboard. None of the Team servers share training data with other Teams.

Cloud based & On-premise

AeonX HML can be used through the AeonX Homomorphic cloud services or on-premise infrastructure. An organization can license the AeonX HML software suite, and we will set it up in your preferred infrastructure.

Training Workflow

Design ML models using TensorFlow or PyTorch and upload the model architecture to the AeonX HML server. Run the team servers in your infrastructure, be it laptops, workstations, or cloud services. AeonX HML will manage all the federated and homomorphic computational tasks.


Secure ML Training for...

- Healthcare industries
- Pharmaceutical industries Insurance
- Financial industries
- Industrial applications
- Space and Defense
- Automobile