AeonX Private SaaS

An innovative business model to help build and maintain your custom software solutions

Private SaaS

AeonX Private SaaS is an innovative software development and maintenance service.  We develop, host and maintain custom software solutions with a monthly subscription fee.  For more information, please contact us.

Who is it for ?

Small and medium sized businesses can benefit from Private SaaS. Private SaaS reduces reduces development and maintenance by minimum 15% over the duration of 1+ years

Private SaaS is for your business if,

What are the benefits ?

Fast Delivery

We can develop your software as fast as 2 months. We have the tools and frameworks to build your custom software from scratch in short period of time.

Continuous development

In order to keep your software relevant to your business, your monthly subscription includes feature upgrades and maintenance. This can be very beneficial to projects that requires frequent feature updates.

All included solution

Your Private SaaS solution is provided by AeonX. You do not need to hire dedicated IT staffs to manage your software.

Minimum Initial Investment

An average software development cost can range between 70K to 200K EUROS. Private SaaS significantly reduces this cost with the package of planning, continuous development, and maintenance over one year with a fixed subscription cost.

Predictable ongoing cost

We propose a subscription plan for the first year to fit your budget. Everything from development to maintenance & support, sever cost are all included.

Every year we will plan together your subscription fee based on your budget and your business growth.

How Private SaaS reduces cost?

Private SaaS is a continuous development process that includes maintenance and upgrades over a long period without the client needing to maintain an in-house IT team for the project. Software development using Private SaaS saves a minimum of 15% compared to a standard software development process. Traditional software development is a multi-phase process, which leads to phase-based pricing. Private SaaS operates on a fixed-price subscription model, leading to predictable costs for a project.



Any web or mobile applications are possible. Here are some examples:

  • Ticketing system
  • End-To-End encrypted (E2EE) data exchange
  • E2EE messenger system
  • Contextual Search
  • Secured file transfer
  • CRM
  • Any kind of back office (intranet)

Outsourcing provides a loosely bound workforce to develop software solutions. On the other hand, we provide the software itself. It is our responsibility to deliver the software that you need. We have complete knowledge of the software solutions we provide.

Please, contact us for more information.